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Golden Shotgun

A shotgun being held by the Arbiter.

Golden Touch is a glitch that can be performed in Halo 2 and Halo 3.


The glitch causes the player's model to turn either black or golden-green. All the weapons held by the player will turn the same color.

Halo 2Edit

Play the level Quarantine Zone on Legendary. Make your way through all off the Flood until you get to the Gondola. After the cutscene, hide while your allies are killed. After they are killed, kill all the Flood on the Gondola before it reaches its destination. The glitch should then appear.

Halo 3Edit

Play through the level Floodgate, and when you get to the crashed Flood ship, there is a chunk of metal with a glowing circle of light on it. Step on the circle and your armor will start glowing bright gold, along with your weapon and grenades. However, if you step off the circle, the glitch will stop working.


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