Golf Ball (Halo 4)

The Golf Ball is a Forge object in Halo 3,[1] Halo: Reach, and Halo 4.


The Golf ball is basically the counterpart of the Soccer Ball from the Heroic Map Pack, redesigned for Sandbox. It looks like a normal golf ball: round and white, but much larger. If it is struck with the 7 wood or the Gravity Hammer, it will go flying.

If the Golf Ball even touches the green edge of a Tin Cup, it will go up and over the edge and into the hole and stay there. But it can still be easily moved.


  • A Golf Ball dropped down to the Crypt will splatter a player if it hits them.
  • The Golf Ball, like the Soccer Ball, is technically a vehicle, which is why it can be flipped and will "bounce" off shield doors.
  • The object even sounds like a golf ball.
  • If you listen closely the golf ball makes a continuous humming noise.
  • Like the Soccer Ball, If you press RB the Golf Ball will spin and move.
  • The Forge mode in Halo 2: Anniversary features an explosive Golf Ball.


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