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Goliath are a superheavy infantry unit that encompass a colony of Lekgolos.[1]


Goliaths are large Mgalekgolo, standing taller than their Hunter comrades with a more hunched, simian posture. Their backs and forelimbs are much larger. They carry two large energy containers upon their shoulders which trail green energy behind them, while their razor spines are splayed to the sides, opposed to the rows of two seen in Hunters. Their helmet boasts a single green eye while their forelimbs are much larger, lacking weapons of any kind, preferring to smash their way through opponents.


Goliaths are available through the Colony though the player must forego Jump Pack Brutes to access them.


In combat, Goliaths lack long-range weaponry, using their forelimbs either to bash their enemy with a single fist or use a more powerful attack of leaping into the air.


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