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The Gorgon-class heavy destroyer[Note 1] was a starship used by the UNSC.

Class History[]

The first ship of the class was commanded by Preston J. Cole, and used to engage the Bellicose.[2]


The first Heavy Destroyer introduced into UNSC service, the Gorgon-class, would also be the first to include a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, a weapon that would later become standard armament. By comparison, later ships would be much better armed, but at the time the MAC was still a new piece of technology.[2]

Ships of the line[]



  1. While the exact class is not mentioned, the UNSC Gorgon is stated to be the first of the class. Naval classifications take the name for the ship series after the name of the first ship, thus making ships built with the same design as the Gorgon members of the Gorgon-class.