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The Graffiti Easter Eggs are different types of graffiti that appear in the level Mombasa Streets in Halo 3: ODST. A similar Easter egg appears in the map Windward. All the messages are in capital letters and appear to have been spray painted on.

Mombasa StreetsEdit

On the level Mombasa Streets, several messages have been written on several walls in the city. These include: "BELIEVE"(which was the tagline for a Halo 3 marketing campaign), "REMEMBER REACH"(which is the tagline for a Halo: Reach marketing campaign), "YOU LOOT, I SHOOT"(similar to the Halo: Reach challenge: shootin' and lootin'), "KINSLER IZ A THUG," "UNSC=LIARS," "FASCISTS," "MILITIA AIN'T WORTH SPIT,"(which reference a few points in Sadie's Story, mainly the looting of banks during the covenant invasion, Police Commissioner Kinsler's corruption, and the propaganda attempt by the UNSC), "HELL ON EARTH," "TWILIGHT OF MAN" and "GLASS THIS!"


On the Firefight map Windward, there is a painted face on the west side of the map. You have to jump off of the railing where the sign points off the edge. Jump off and quickly turn around.


  • On the Xbox One, viewing this easter egg on the level NMPD HQ gives you the Vandalized achievement.


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