“I have taken my own life because the SPARTAN-II program is a crime against humanity, and I should have had the moral courage to refuse to work on it. I did not. I complied.”
— Graham Alban about his reason for committing suicide.[1]

Graham J. Alban, MD, MCNS, MCPP, was a neuroscientist and psychologist who had worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence's Special Projects division.

Doctor Alban took an active role in the development of the SPARTAN-II Program, a role he later regretted, feeling that his actions were morally apprehensible. As a result of his actions in the SPARTAN-II Program, Doctor Alban would eventually take his own life, although making sure to do so in a way that preserved his brain, which would eventually be used to create the Artificial intelligence, Black Box.[2]



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