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Gravity Thrones are the main form of transportation for the higher Prophets of the Covenant.


Instead of walking, San'Shyuum choose to sit on these levitating thrones most of the time, which would make their lives more comfortable, due to their frail bodies. The High Prophets possess versions which are equipped with a shield impervious to all small arms fire and self-defense capabilities.

It is also equipped with a modified version of the Mgalekgolo Assault Cannon known as the Gravity Cannon. Each throne has a holographic projector, with the Hierarchs' thrones including a series of small holographic buttons that can perform a variety of functions located on each armrest.

Legates do not appear to use these thrones as often, but San'Shyuum serving military roles (such as the Minister of Etiology) have Gravity Thrones of their own, though the version they use is less advanced (it seems they don't possess weaponry or shielding). Other Ministerial San'Shyuum such as Vice and Junior Ministers use antigravity belts instead of thrones.

Junior Legates rate the least powerful Gravity Thrones and must travel in rings of twenty or more, packed arm-to-arm to maximize their anti-grav field. Senior Ministry staffers can manage to travel in groups as small as seven, and the sophistication of Vice-Ministers' chairs makes it possible for them to commute in trios. But only full Ministers and higher are permitted to use sufficiently powerful units for individual flight. The power and comfort of Gravity Thrones are a reflection of rank.[2] In Halo Wars, the Prophet of Regret can be upgraded to use a throne that is capable of powered flight.



  • Early concept art of the San'Shyuum relied on the gravity throne to illustrate the race's feeble appearance. At one stage it was envisioned the throne would act as a life support unit.[3]
  • The Sangheili Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum was seen using a less luxurious version of the Gravity Throne on board the Shadow of Intent but it was used as a command chair rather than a mode of transportation/life support.
  • In Halo 2, it is possible to kill the Prophet of Regret and use his Throne, however it is only for a couple seconds due to the end of level.