Greatest Journey is a song included in the Halo 3: Original Soundtrack. It plays during the level Halo, and includes the songs Greatest Journey, Flood Rising, and Halo Finale.

The song starts with a slow choir-and-strings melody, almost the same as the beginning of Halo Reborn, but with a strings melody. The vibrato used by the strings section is very prominent in this section. It is similar to the song Under Cover of Night. The motif continues, and at 0:55 seconds, changes to a more gloomy and strange tone. This continues until 1:41 seconds, when drums start beating. This leads to the start of the Halo 3-version of the Halo Theme from the Halo 3 E3 2007 Trailer. This could be considered the "turning point" of the song. In game, the song loops between three sections: the beginning of the Halo theme, the violin section of the theme and the piano section from Three Gates. It then transits to a version of One Final Effort's second half, reinforced with choir. At 4:30 seconds, the Halo Theme section ends, and high strings and piano play the last notes.

It runs for 4:57 seconds.


  • The name of the song refers to the Great Journey, and also death, which is the "Greatest Journey" of life. Johnson's death in particular, which is what the first part of the song is played for.

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