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Grenade Spamming is the act of repeatedly throwing grenades into an area in order to kill enemies or force them out of hiding. Many players use grenades in this manner to weaken opponents, then finish off their weakened and unshielded foes with standard weapons.


Grenade spamming works best in narrow and confined spaces, where it is more difficult to escape a grenade's blast radius. It works quite well on smaller maps for the same reason. Grenade spamming can also be used to cover an escape, distracting or killing foes when the spammer's shields are down.

Usually, the Plasma Grenade, Spike Grenade or Splinter Grenades are best when attacking opponents head-on, and the Frag Grenade when spamming from around a corner. On large maps, blindly throwing grenades in the general direction of an enemy base can sometimes result in wounds or kills, but only very rarely. On large maps, grenades can also be used in place of heavy weapons such as the Rocket Launcher to destroy enemy vehicles.