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“Immediate; Grid Kilo 23 is hot. Recommend mission abort.”
— Unknown recon marine to Sergeant Avery Johnson in the level Outskirts

Grid Kilo 23 was a sector of the United Nations Space Command city Old Mombasa on the planet Earth.

It consisted of a broad highway, and during the Battle of New Mombasa, a Covenant Scarab was defending this grid sector, along with great numbers of other Covenant forces. A UNSC strike force of four Warthogs and three Pelican Dropships were dispatched over Grid Kilo 23 to attack the Covenant Assault Carrier that was commanding the Covenant forces in the Battle of Earth (where the Battle of New Mombasa had originated from).

Marine reconnaissance observing the grid sector noted the high Covenant troop concentrations, but failed to see a nearby Scarab battle walker, which was behind a building. As the three Pelicans neared the Scarab, unaware of its presence, the Scarab shot two of them down with its plasma weapons.

There were several survivors at each crash site, though in both cases the pilots perished in the crash. One of them consisted of John-117, Sergeant Avery J. Johnson, and three anonymous Marines, two with Battle Rifles and one with an SMG. The second was carrying Gunnery Sergeant Stacker and a squad of ODSTs which crashed landed on a beach behind Hotel Zanzibar. The last one escaped the Scarab without being hit, it later picked up Johnson.[1]


  • It is interesting to note that there is a Pelican Dropship with the same designation.