Groombridge 34 is a binary star system that consists of two red dwarf stars in a nearly circular orbit with a separation of about 147 astronomical units.[1] Both stars in this pair exhibit variability due to random flares, and they have been given variable star designations. (The brighter member Groombridge 34 A is designated GX And, and the other member is designated GQ And). It is located within the Inner Colonies. The system is approximately 11.62 lightyears from earth. Groombridge 34 was the decommission-site for Construction Platform 966A.

Notable events

In 2531 CE, a group of Spartans was sent to investigate reported Insurrectionist operations. One of them was Kurt-051 who went MIA but, unlike his fellow spartans, he actually survived operating as a training officer for the Spartan-III program.[2]

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