The Grunt with toys is an Unggoy that can be encountered in Halo 2.

During the opening cinematic of Delta Halo while playing on Legendary, partway in, a Unggoy can be seen sitting next to a Kig-Yar. If you look closely at him, it can be observed that the Unggoy has a John-117 figure in one hand and an Unggoy figure in the other. This Easter Egg is easier to observe if you take a picture and zoom in with an editing program. If you have Halo 2 Vista, you can use a screen capture program.

Depending on the difficulty, the Unggoy will be playing with different things. On Easy, he plays with a stick and dirt. On Normal, he plays with two plasma grenades. On Heroic, he plays with fire.

In the remastered Halo 2: Anniversary, the Jackal is instead teasing the Grunt with his plush toy, (since he probably stole it from the Grunt).


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