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Gudam Keshcun is an adolescent Unggoy who resides in Paxopolis.

Biography Edit

Gudam met Molly and Kareem at The Pax Insitiute during recess when the human teens resided under a tree. Gudam wasn't wearing her gas mask or tank as she wanted to breath the oxygen. When they Spotted Karl and his cronies picking on a sanghelli named Bakar, Gudam went to stand up for him. Molly who intally had no wish to get involved in what she saw as a sanghelli problem due to her nasty past but choose to join Gudam as she was concerned with Gudam's safety.

Personality Edit

Gudam is an adventurous Unggoy who likes to explore the unknown which casts her out from her unggoy peers. Unlike sterpptypical Unggoy Gudam is very brave and crafty. Gudam's courge is shown on multiple occasions When she stood up for Bakar and came with Molly and Kareem to save Bakar from the servants of abiding truth for example.


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