Haisal Wari is an Alerian smuggler together with Arris Le.[1]


Haisal was born on Aleria and grew up in the mining trade. When the mining union Mols'Desias collapsed, he found himself without work. Eventually he joined the Alerian Courier Guild and started making courier runs.[1]

Alpha ShardEdit

In February 2556, he and his friend Arris Le were mining a material on a fragment of Installation 04, used by Sangheili terrorists. They were arrested by a team of Locke and Aiken.[2]

He survived the initial attack of the Thanolekgolo, but his leg was wounded. Throughout their next travels he and Michael Horrigan had several exchanges of words. He became the sole reason the team was moving slowly and Horrigan didn't think him worthy enough to risk their lives for.[3]

After Thanolekgolo took on Samantha Wisner's form in an attempt to draw out the other survivors, Horrigan threw Haisal down the mountain. He was subsequently eaten alive by the creatures.[4]



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