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The Halberd-class destroyer was a UNSC destroyer classification.[4] The Hull classification symbol for Halberd-class ships is "DD".[1]

Class History[]


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The class was in service as early as 2525. During that year, the UNSC Pioneer deployed SPARTAN-IIs to conduct Operation: TALON.[5]

Human-Covenant war[]

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The Covenant war saw the use of many Halberd-class ships. En route to the Battle of Algolis, the UNSC The Heart of Midlothian was assaulted by a Covenant boarding party. The sole survivor of the initial boarding managed to self destruct the ship, destroying everything around it.[6]

Later in the war at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV in 2552, Captain Jacob Keyes used the UNSC Iroquois to perform the Keyes Loop.

During the more resource strapped parts of the war, many Halberd-class ships were built with entire subsystems and hull sections removed to help speed up construction and crew requirements. This lead them to be mostly relegated to fleet escort duties.[1]


The Halberd-class was a fast ship. It was also easily configurable.[1]


The Halberd-class comes equipped with one 14B11R2 MAC, 26 M58 Archer Missile Pods, four M870 Rampart Point Defense Guns,[1] and three Nuclear weapons.[3]

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