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Often abbreviated as HBO, is, arguably, the most popular and famous fansite for the Halo series. Its webmaster is Claude Errera (posting under the handle "Louis Wu").


Movies CatalogEdit's main maintainer, "Louis Wu," receives hundreds of requests a week to put up videos on the HBO website by Halo fans. Not all are accepted, however it is still a struggle because of limited bandwidth and the fact that shut down in early 2008. The actual Movies Catalog has not been updated at all since the movie "Hunter in AotCR Pit" (2004), but Louis says it will be updated.

Halo Story PageEdit

HBO also features a Halo Story Page section dedicated to all aspects of the Halo story, from backstories, to reference articles, speculation and game transcripts.

Character ScaleEdit


Comparing the size of a Hunter with Cortana.

Hosted on the site is a character scale application created by Stephen Loftus that allows users to compare size ratios of different characters from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. All characters are shown to scale and the measure in the background denotes feet.


  • Claude Errera, the HBO webmaster, uses the name of the main character in Ringworld, Louis Wu, when posting. Ringworld is a classic science-fiction novel by Larry Niven which inspired various elements of Halo, not least the idea of setting the game on a ring-shaped superstructure. Additionally, Bungie named a character in Halo: Reach after Errera: Corporal C. Errera.
  • The website was mentioned in the credits of Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.
  • During October 2008, HBO was cracked twice by an entity calling itself "TheDefaced." Both attacks, the first on October 25[1] and the second on October 27,[2] replaced the main page with an image of a large face which linked to "TheDefaced"'s website.
  • HBO, along with other Halo fan sites, complemented the talents of Nightmare Armor.


  1. The front page was hacked?
  2. Front page is hacked again

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