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The icon for all the preferences in the Mac Demo.

Halo: Combat Evolved Trial is the demo version for Halo: Combat Evolved, for both PC and Mac.



Only the Silent Cartographer mission can be played in the Halo Trial. The level features similar environment, weapons and enemies but players would not be able to save the level, as doing so would restart the level.


Blood Gulch is the only map featured in the game with the capability of hosting up to sixteen players per game. In contrast to Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo Trial's version retains similar weapons and vehicles but features low graphics settings, as players are encouraged to buy the full version. There are only two gametypes: CTF Classic (First to 3 Flag Captures) and Free-For-All Slayer (First to 25 Kills). However, you can still play different game types by choosing your filters and joining an existing game.

However you can mod to have Scorpions, and infinite Sniper rounds coming from the Assault Rifle.


Halo: Combat Evolved Advertisement


  • When the player closes the demo, an advertisement for the full Halo PC appears, which features Sergeant Johnson telling (almost ordering) the player to buy a copy of the full version. However, one can simply bypass the advertisement by pressing Alt + F4 or Ctrl + Alt + Delete and ending the program, or by using the -novideo command line parameter on Windows. On a Mac, the player can just press Escape or Enter. The video can also be removed by deleting the demo.bik file in the program files.
  • The demo contains all of the weapons from the full version; Fuel Rod Cannons, Flamethrowers, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles can only be used in multiplayer. It also contains some of the full version's vehicles, such as the Warthog and Spirit; the Banshee and Rocket Hog are accessible in the multiplayer mode.