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This article is about the comic series. For the military engagement see the Fall of Reach. For the original novel, see Halo: The Fall of Reach. For the animation, see Halo: The Fall of Reach Animated Series.

Halo: Fall of Reach is a series of comic book adaptations of the first Halo novel, The Fall of Reach. The series is published by Marvel Comics in conjunction with 343 Industries, and written by Brian Reed with art by Felix Ruiz.[2]

The series consists of three story arcs: Boot Camp, which covers John-117's childhood and Spartan training, Covenant, which centers around the early days of the Human-Covenant war and Invasion, which covers the final sections of the novel, including the Fall of Reach itself.[1]

The series shows some of the first visuals for canon elements never seen outside the Fall of Reach novel. As the series is adapted to the comic book medium from a novel, it will differ from the original book in a variety of ways; some details may be fleshed out more than in the novel, while others may be left out or altered for storytelling purposes. For example, the background of the character Robert Watts, a turncoat Colonel and the leader of the Eridanus Rebels, will be expanded upon in the series. Brian Reed worked with Frank O'Connor and Kevin Grace of 343 Industries to ensure the accuracy of the additional content, and the content updates in the 2010 version of The Fall of Reach have been taken into account in the comic series.[1]

The first issue of Boot Camp was released on September 15, 2010.[1]

Official statement[]

“This September, Marvel and 343 Industries are proud to announce Halo: Fall of Reach “Boot Camp #1,” the graphic fiction event answering the question on the minds of gamers around the world—what’s the secret on the planet of Reach that led to the creation of John-117? Fan-favorite writer Brian Reed and artist Felix Ruiz team-up to adapt the New York Times best-selling novel, Halo: Fall of Reach, and bring the world of Halo to life like you’ve never seen it before!”
— Marvel and 343 Industries