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Survival is a choice.
— Tagline[3]

Halo: Nightfall is a live-action digital feature written by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring and produced by Scott Free Productions.[4][5][6] It consists of five episodes which released on a weekly basis and can be streamed through the Halo Channel for those who have purchased Halo: The Master Chief Collection.[7][8]

Halo: Nightfall connects the stories between Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians[9] and will have narrative connections to Halo: The Television Series.[10]

The Blu-ray and DVD was released on March 17, 2015 in America.[citation needed]


On February 7, 2556,[11] Jameson Locke is part of a unit sent by the UNSC to investigate Covenant activity on Sedra.[12] During a covert operation, Locke and a team of ONI agents attempt to prevent a rogue Sangheili from detonating an unidentified weapon. The team's efforts fail, resulting in the detonation of a biological weapon that only affects humans.[13] Locke's investigation into the source of the biological weapon leads ONI to a fragment of Installation 04. Working with Colonel Randall Aiken and a small team of Sedra militia members, the ONI team lands on the fragment. Although the joint strike team captured two human smugglers, they are ambushed and stranded by Thanolekgolo worms during extraction.[14]

With their D81-LRT Condor dropship disabled, the surviving humans attempt to make their way to the smugglers' tug ship, and have a problem. The tug itself can only carry two passengers, which ultimately splits the group into two, Locke with Randall and Sedra militia member Macer, while two members of Locke's team are with a surviving smuggler. Locke's group finds the crashed Condor, barely flight-capable. Randall volunteers himself to detonate the nuclear ordinance while Locke and Macer use the Condor to reach the tug. Locke and Macer successfully escape the Halo fragment with the commandeered tug before its detonation.[15]

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