“This is a more character-driven piece, and its also about a planet that everyone knows will fall, and falls to the Covenant. So its a more somber, more visceral introduction to the game that we're making.”

The Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack was released in stores September 28, 2010, and was distributed via iTunes and Sumthing Digital on September 14.[2][3] There are a total of 20 tracks in the two-disk set.[4]

The Reach OST is also the last time O'Donnell and Salvatori collaborated and composed original music for a Halo game.[2]


The soundtrack was composed by C. Paul Johnson, Ivan Ives, Martin O'Donnell, and Michael Salvatori, and published by Sumthing Distribution. In a press release, O'Donnell called it a "culmination of our efforts."[5]


Upon release online, the soundtrack held the #1 spot on Amazon’s MP3 Soundtracks chart and the #3 position on iTunes.[6] G4TV stated that it was "like a well placed sniper round through a CQB helmet, the soundtrack album for Halo: Reach is bang on target as a listening experience; enjoyable from start to finish."[6]


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