Halo Reach - E3 2010 Welcome to Firefight 2

Halo Reach - E3 2010 Welcome to Firefight 2.0 Trailer HD

Welcome to Firefight 2.0 is a trailer for Halo: Reach, showcasing the Firefight mode in the game for the first time. It was released on June 16, during E3 2010.[1]


  • Brute Spikers make a reappearance at 0:10.
  • The Brute Power Armor of Halo 3 is gone, as Power Armor did not see wide distribution until the Great Schism, yet, like in Halo 3, rank is displayed by the color of the bits of armor that remain. Also, while the helmets of the two Brute Minors are smooth and featureless, like the helmets were in Halo 2, the golden-colored Brute's helmet is of a more elaborate style, if not to the same extent as the helmets were in Halo 3.
  • A large number of Brutes are shown armed with Concussion Rifles at 0:12. Later, an Elite is also seen wielding one at 0:44.
  • At 0:19 and 0:51, we see third-person assassination animations for Jackals and Grunts, respectively.
  • At 0:22, we see that the hunter is sniped in the neck and it's midsection is armored, like in Halo 3 and Halo 3:ODST.
  • When the player shoots the Grunt's methane tank at 0:24, the force of the gas being released propels the Grunt into the air, similar to a distinctive Grunt death animation from Halo Wars. The Grunt stays alive for a few seconds after being pushed into the air before it dies.
  • The Target Locator makes one of its first appearances at 0:32. At 0:38, we see that the Locator's aim can be adjusted to at least some extent even after it begins firing and can lock on and follow any creature or vehichle. The Target Locator is a laser designator that can be used to call in small-scale orbital bombardment.
  • At 0:41, we see a Sangheili General for the first time, shown charging through a Drop Shield while wielding an Energy Sword.


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