Overlook Radio

The radio from which one of the conversations can be heard.

In Halo: Reach, there are UNSC radio conversations in most of the Multiplayer and Firefight maps. Some of the conversations are linked to each other to form a narrative.[1]


Anchor 9Edit

(This radio can be found in the Weapons Wing, on the first floor in the back of Red Base.)

  • ???: Charlie Alpha-Alpha, taxi to runway 22. Hold short.
  • Charlie Alpha-Alpha: Roger, taxi to runway 22.
  • ???: Charlie Alpha-Alpha, you are clear for take-off.
  • Charlie Alpha-Alpha: Roger, clear for take-off.
  • ???: We're not even gonna get 2% of the population off this rock.
  • Charlie Alpha-Alpha: That's pretty bleak...
  • ???: I've got a pretty good idea how this is gonna end, but I'm going out on my terms, not theirs.

...Charlie Alpha-Alpha, you're clear all the way out. Go dark and fly visual 'til you are 1,500 kilos from Superior Tower.

  • Charlie Alpha-Alpha: Gotcha, [???].
  • ???: Charlie Alpha-Alpha, just let the wing dissipate.
  • Charlie Alpha-Alpha: Well, any much longer and they're gonna burn it right to the ground!
  • ???: Then make 'em work for it! But you push into that wash and it's guaranteed suicide.
  • Charlie Alpha-Alpha: At this rate, we'll be lucky if we even get half of our people back to the Inner Colonies!
  • ???: Delta-Romeo-230, you're clear all the way up to Superior jump. Suggest you get your bearings and then go dark 'til you're 1,500 kilos out.


  • [2]: Well, newsfeed says it was (Insurrectionists?). But if you're going to make a statement, why hit a remote place like Visegrád?
  • [1]: You think it was UNSC goons? Like, maybe they found out the URF was running a pirate station out of the Visegrád hub?
  • [2]: If that was the case, why blame the outage on an Innie success? Why not apologize for a temporary outage and play up the futility of resistance?
  • [1]: Well, what do you think it is, then? If it ain't the Innies, and the UNSC is spinning it...
  • [2]: Nah, brother, don't say it.
  • [1]: I'm just saying we should be prepared for the worst, is all. We should—
  • [2]: So you think the next logical explanation is Covenant invasion? Those guys blow up planets, not shut down local carrier hubs.
  • [1]: Visegrád isn't just a local carrier hub, though. It's one of the three hubs that connects the northern (oilfields ?) with the main complex down south, and thus the rest of the colonies.
  • [2]: Okay...
  • [1]: I'm saying this is either a very ballsy and strategically sound move on the part of the Innies, and we're in the middle of a coup d'etat...
  • [2]: Or?
  • [1]: Or the Covenant's here and it's already too late.


  • Recon 43: Gamma 1 Actual, this is Recon 43. We are positioned, over.
  • Gamma 1: Recon 43, this is Gamma 1 Actual. Give me a radio check, over.
  • Recon 43: <fading in> Got eyes on three Ghosts and twenty-four infantry. A typical scout detachment, please advise.
  • Gamma 1: Recon 43, do not engage. Sit tight and keep your eyes and ears open. I say again, give me a radio check, over.
  • Recon 43: Gamma 1 Actual, we do not read you, say again, we do not read you, over.
  • Gamma 1: Recon 43, you are not cleared to engage. I say again, you are not cleared to engage.
  • Gamma 1: Is there anyone else close to their grid? Dammit!
  • Recon 43: Looks like we're on our own, boys. This is their eyes and ears, we flatten these guys and disengage. Tag your targets and get ready to go loud on my mark.
  • Gamma 1: Recon 43 this is Gamma 1 Actual. I say again, you are to stand down and withdraw immediately. Do not engage, over.
  • Recon 43: Fire. That's it, make 'em count! <gunfire>
  • Gamma 1: What do we have that we can send to support them? Dammit!
  • Recon 43: Pull back, move and shoot, move and shoot! Where the hell did all these hostiles come from?
  • Gamma 1: Tell Beta Romeo Actual that the company we are expecting is gonna be arriving a little earlier than we anticipated. <fades out> (directed to Recon 43) Recon 43, I say again, you are not cleared to engage! Stow your weapons, we are reading multiple inbound hostiles in your sector—you do not want their attention, over!
  • Recon 43: Ah, damn! Tip of the spear, nothin'. It's the whole god-forsaken fleet! Fire, fire, fire!
  • Gamma 1: Recon 43, respond. Check in. I say again, Recon 43, do you read me? Dammit. Get Red Team up and running, high alert. We're about to have company.



  • Beta Red: Gamma 1 Actual, my team is in position. Get your people ready to move as soon as I give the signal, over.
  • Gamma 1: With respect, Red, we might not be Spartans, but this is our home. My men will die here if I ask them to.
  • Beta Red: I don't doubt that, Gamma 1 Actual. Let's hope we won't need them to. Defensive perimeter online.
  • Gamma 1: This is nuts. What in the hell are those auto-turrets supposed to do against what they're bringin'? Over.
  • Beta Red: Divide their attention.
  • Beta Red: Visual. Thirty-two Wraiths moving with two hundred sixty infantry at two hundred meters, closing on our lines due west at six kilometers per hour. Beta Red, hold position until I trigger primaries, then close on their front line as fast as you can.
  • Gamma 1: Dammit, Red, I heard you Spartans were crazy. Gamma 5, radio check. Over.
  • Gamma 5: Five by five, Gamma 1 Actual. Drone holding station at ten thousand feet. We got eyes on the whole damn thing.
  • Gamma 1: Those Spartans are crazy. They're gonna get us killed.
  • Gamma 5: Holy...! <static> You're ain't gonna believe this! Beta Red just punched right up into the guts of that Covie column! Ever see a Spartan go hand to hand with a Wraith? Unbelievable!
  • Gamma 1: What are eleven Spartans gonna do against thirty thousand Covenant? They're dead men.
  • Gamma 5: Can't argue that, but those Spartans just bought us some time! We might just make it outta this alive! Get ready to move, over!
  • Gamma 1: <fading in>That's the signal. Let's get the hell outta here.

[radio hiss, gunfire, explosions]


  • Gamma 1: <beep> Unknown station, this is Gamma One Actual, do you read, over?
  • Iron Fist: Gamma 1 Actual, this is Iron Fist. We read you. What is the current status of Facility Alpha 331?
  • Gamma 1: Facility Alpha 331 is overrun and offline, defense grid in zone Uniform Delta is running at starvation levels. If you're taking survivors, we've got a few.
  • Iron Fist: Negative, Gamma, we are en route to support Beta Red. Any word on their status?
  • Gamma 1: None, over.
  • Iron Fist: Acknowledged. There is a temp evac station 50 klicks west along your current vector at UD 0-0-8-Niner-6 3-Niner-8-7. I'll let them know you're coming.
  • Gamma 1: Might want to tell 'em to start pulling up stakes. Beta Red may be tough as hell, but I don't know how long they'll be able to tie up two armor divisions.
  • Iron Fist: Say again, Gamma. Over.
  • Gamma 1: I said Beta Red may be tough as hell but - whoa, my god!
  • Iron Fist: Gamma 1 Actual, we lost you, say again, over.
  • Gamma 1: Iron Fist, This is Gamma 1 Actual. Three Covenant cruisers just dropped out of cloak directly above us, holding at approximately twenty thousand feet traveling due east at approximately three hundred knots, three-zero-zero knots!
  • Iron Fist: Visual confirmed, Gamma 1. They just passed within 50 meters of our bird.
  • Iron Fist: Go NOA, and punch it, there's still a chance we can pull Beta out of there.
  • Gamma 1: (disbelief) Wait, you're not planning on heading into that mess, are you?
  • Iron Fist: Godspeed, and see you on the other side Gamma. Out.



  • Bravo-001: Mayday mayday! This is Bravo-001 en route to your position. Do you have a visual on my aircraft, over?
  • Golden Arrow: Bravo-001 this is Golden Arrow. I do believe you are steering that bird in the wrong direction, over.
  • Bravo-001: Negative, it looks like I'm fine, but I'm flying blind. I need you to point me in the direction of the LZ!
  • Golden Arrow: You got it Bravo-001, happy to oblige. Link up with Uniform-Delta 10153-Niner-Niner-0 heading south-southwest. Switch to about 1-0-0 knots, advise you head for the treetops and fly straight at Mount Turon. We've got more than enough problems of our own down here.
  • Bravo-001: I say again that's a negative Golden Arrow. I've got high value assets and troops I'm ordered to drop directly on your location. My bird ain't going to hold together all the way to the Boneyard. Need an LZ, clear, over.
  • Golden Arrow: With respect Bravo unless you have a cart full of tac nukes with my name on it you don't have anything of value on that bird. Get your ass to evac!
  • Bravo-001: Alright Golden Arrow, if I can't get her down I'll be dropping these 6 Spartans on your head, out.
  • Golden Arrow: Damn Bravo, why didn't you say so? Come down close to the tree-line about 2 clicks due west of your current position. That's where me and my boys are, over.
  • Bravo-001: I need that LZ clear Golden Arrow. I'll be right on top of you in 3 mikes.
  • Golden Arrow: Hell I was gonna clear you a spot myself Bravo! Look for the trooper with the big ass grin on his face!
  • Bravo-001: Roger that. I'll see you, out.


  • Gamma 5: Gamma 1, Facility Alpha 412 is overrun, and I'm heading to your location with what's left of Gamma 5, over.
  • Gamma 1: Gamma 5? Damn, it's good to hear you. How many are you bringing? I thought Bnet said your house got knocked down.
  • Gamma 5: Confirm. ODG-412 is slag. Lost all but fourteen able bodies. Making our way over in two 'Hogs and a radio van.
  • Gamma 1: The more the merrier. Looks like we got makin's for a party. Some honest-to-god Spartans are ridin' up here with some boys from Third Mech as we speak.
  • Gamma 5: Hate to break it to you, Gamma 1, but Covies hit us with two divisions at Alpha-412. How many Spartans you got on approach?
  • Gamma 1: Gamma 5, say again? That was two divisions? Over.
  • Gamma 5: That's affirmative. We put a dent in 'em, but that's about it. The only reason I ain't one of them on the line with you right now is HighCom decided to drop every available asset right on top of em, and us. Over.
  • Gamma 1: Well, I hope you're bringing extra ammo, then, Gamma 5.
  • Gamma 5: All we could carry and then some. ETA twenty-five mikes, out.


  • UNSC Majestic: Alpha 20, This is UNSC Majestic, two mikes out from window. Once we're on station you'll have us for all of three-zero seconds, over.
  • Alpha 20: Acknowledged, Majestic. Stand by, we are waiting for the go/no go on the shoot. Uploading telemetry on targets.
  • UNSC Majestic: Telemetry received, on standby.
  • Alpha 20: CENTCOM, OWA is one mike three-zero seconds out from window, DD with five-zero one-hundred-sixty charlie mike, once on station we'll have three-zero seconds of trigger time, over.
  • CENTCOM: Alpha 20, this is CENTCOM. Beta Red is directly in the splash zone. Until we have visual confirmation of their status we are no go, over.
  • Alpha 20: CENTCOM, those cruisers are burning birds out to five-zero klicks; hell, they've hit civvy evac birds all the way out to CIS. Beta Red have gone above and beyond but there's no way out for them, they just bought us our window, now give me the go and let's finish the job.
  • CENTCOM: God help us. Go hot. Out.
  • Alpha 20: <fade in> (???) to UNSC Majestic.
  • UNSC Majestic: Copy, Alpha, requesting go for shoot.
  • Alpha 20: Affirmative, we are go on the shoot.
  • UNSC Majestic: Acknowledge, shoot is a go, out.
  • UNSC Majestic: Six rounds, target number Kilo-Tango 2005.
  • Alpha 20: Copy, Majestic, target number Kilo-Tango 2005.
  • UNSC Majestic: Shot, over.
  • Alpha 20: Shot, out.
  • UNSC Majestic: Splash, over.
  • Alpha 20: Splash, out.
  • UNSC Majestic: Rounds complete, over.
  • Alpha 20: Rounds complete, out.
  • Alpha 20: <fade in> End of mission Majestic, all three target vehicles neutralized. I don't even want to guess what happened below.
  • UNSC Majestic: I copy, Alpha. End of mission, all three target vehicles neutralized. It's been fun, hope we get a chance to do it again. Out.
  • Alpha 20: God willing. Out.



  • Gamma 1: Gamma 5, holy crap, Buckman, you see that?
  • Gamma 5: See it? Felt that in my damn chest. Whoever pulled that trigger wanted those sons-of-bitches dead.
  • Gamma 1: Can't believe we just walked outta that crater. We gotta be the two luckiest bastards on this whole planet.
  • Gamma 5: Luck ain't got nothin' to do with it, Jake.
  • Gamma 1: Think anybody could have survived that?
  • Gamma 5: You mean Beta Red? They say Spartans never die, but I don't think anything lived through that.
  • Gamma 1: Damn, whole lotta real estate burning down there. Won't be much left when this is all set and done.
  • Gamma 5: Here we are, high-tailing it to anywhere else. Doesn't seem right.
  • Gamma 1: Well, pretty soon won't be any place else to run to. What's next, Earth?
  • Gamma 5: Jake, anyone tell you you talk too damn much?
  • Gamma 1: All the time. What the hell else was there to do on Reach besides chase pioneer girls?
  • Gamma 5: Now there's nothin', man. Now there's nothin' at all. Five out.



The firefight map, Courtyard, contains a conversation between two UNSC personnel, "Dragon X-ray" and "Blue-Delta."[2] The conversation can be heard from a radio in the structure where the Spartan team spawns.

Dragon X-ray is the radioman of an unidentified UNSC ground asset, who radios in Blue-Delta, who appears to be associated with HIGHCOM. Blue-Delta warns X-ray that his unit is the only UNSC asset in the area, meaning that any support will take time to arrive.

X-ray is unable to hear Blue-Delta's response due to enemy movement, to which Blue-Delta warns him again. X-ray acknowledges receiving the warning and reports movement again and requests for support to "soften them up." After being asked for the location of the enemy forces, Dragon X-ray responds and gives him the grid coordinates.

Requesting for support again, Blue-Delta tells Dragon X-ray that there is no available support in any way apart from the UNSC Aegis Fate. X-ray inquires over whether the Aegis Fate is a space-borne or an ocean-borne vessel ("Exo" or "Wet Navy"). Blue-Delta answers that the Aegis Fate is 'currently' a Frigate-designated "Exo-asset." Dragon X-ray receives this information, and says they did not require that much assistance.

The conversation ends when Dragon X-ray reports being less than a klick away from the objective. Blue-Delta wishes him good luck.

Dragon X-ray: "Blue Delta, this is Dragon X-ray. We are on the ground and three Mikes out from the objective. Over."

Blue-Delta: "Dragon X-ray, be advised that you are the only UNSC ground asset in that grid."

Dragon X-ray: "Say again, Blue Delta. We've got movement due east. That should be strike red. Over."

Blue-Delta: "That's a negative, Dragon X-ray. I say again; be advised that you are the only UNSC asset in that area."

Dragon X-ray: "Roger, Blue Delta. We're picking up that movement again due east. You got something to soften it up?"

Blue-Delta: "You got a location, Dragon X-ray?"

Dragon X-ray: "Grid as follows: Whiskey-Delta-One-Five-Seven-Four-One-Seven-One-Two, Over."

Blue-Delta: "I copy Whiskey-Delta-One-Five-Seven-Four-One-Seven-One-Two."

Dragon X-ray: "That is correct. Request immediate support from any assets on-station. Over."

Blue-Delta: "Dragon X-ray, it looks like all I've got available at this time is the UNSC Aegis Fate."

Dragon X-ray: "Blue Delta, is the Aegis Fate 'wet Navy'?"

Blue-Delta: "Negative, Dragon. She's currently listed as an exo-asset; a frigate."

Dragon X-ray: "Whoa! We are less than a klick from the target area, Blue Delta. We ain't that desperate for help."

Blue-Delta: "Understood, Dragon X-ray. Give 'em hell out there, and good luck."


[1] So, uh.

[2] Come on, spit it out.

[1] You, uh, got a zombie plan?

[2] Hell yeah.

[1] Yeah? Maybe we could exchange notes.

[2] Well, uh, I dunno man. Zombie plans are kinda... deeply personal things.

[1] Well, I'm just saying, it's just, I got all these things in my mind, you know, and getting 'em out in the open really helps for building up (???) in my head.

[2] Makes sense.

[1] Okay.

[2] Huh. So, zombies can still hear and stuff, so that makes guns a weapon of last resort, right?

[1] Yeah, yeah, guns all fire ammo, too.

[2] Exactly. So I was thinking that, hey, what is a weapon that'll keep them out of grabbing range, AND won't run out of ammo? A spear.

[1] Hold up.

[2] What?

[1] Now, see, this is workin' already.

[2] Huh?

[1] Spear! I thought so too at one time, but the possibility of getting it stuck in the brainpan of a walking corpse is very real.

[2] Oh yeah, you're right. Man, I hadn't thought about that. Well, uh...

[1] Ball-peen hammer.

[2] But, you'd have to get right up on top of the zombie to use it, man.

[1] Yeah, so if I'm the one running around killing zombies, man?

[2] What?

[1] A single charged blow to the head would drop most zombies. It'd work on cheetahs, too.

[2] What the... There aren't cheetahs on Reach. Anyway, we should probably be working the kinks out of our alien invasion plan first. Aliens are smarter, faster, and more technologically advanced than zombies. They're also here. Zombies, not so much.

[1] When in doubt(?), you're reaching in a place no self-respecting Marine would spend any amount of time.

[2] Hey, we ain't in the Autumn yet, pal.



Well, cousins, the gig is finally up. As an indication of how serious this is, I'm broadcasting to you over an open, unencrypted channel.

Once I'm done, I'm gonna loop it and split. There's no sense sticking around here yapping any longer than's necessary.

I saw a for sale sign go up in the front yard of your dad's place, but your older brother didn't put it there. Some out of towners might have.

What house can we go to now? There's nothing but absolute destruction. These folks don't do things by half-measures.

They aim to kill us all, burn our cities and leave Reach as one more burned-out rock spinning in the darkness.

And they're gonna do it too. Nothing you or me can do to stop them. They've done it plenty of times before.

They've bloodied our noses at Harvest, at Madrigal, at Miridem, but this time it's gonna cost them. This time they're gonna jerk back a bloody stump.

There's no two ways about this. It's gonna be a nightmare. The heavens are gonna burn, and the earth is going to tremble beneath our feet.

They're gonna rain death and destruction upon our heads, but we're not gonna give up a single damn inch of dirt without a fight.

And they're gonna get their full measure of nightmare, too. And when I see 'em, I'm gonna tell 'em - welcome to the nightmare, you sonsa-blam!-es. Welcome to Reach.



[1] Charlie Hotel!

[2] For Pete's sake.

[1] What?

[2] You really love the idea that you're deep in the cloak and dagger BS, don't you? This isn't a clandestine meeting, Joe, we're pulling everyone out because the planet is burning.

[1] Oh, my god.

[2] If it'll help keep your mind off it, you can tell me what you've got.

[1] Halsey's new pet project, this new AI. It's a generational leap - I'm not even sure that's strong enough language.

[2] So it's a pretty big deal, huh? Any idea who the donor was?

[1] Just showed up one day. A couple months after one of the annexes in Omega Wing was quarantined. Is that cloak and dagger enough for ya?


[1] And typical of her work ethic, she's given total access to everything. It can bi-locate as well.

[2] What do you mean?

[1] It can be in multiple places at the same time. Maybe multi-locate would be a more accurate term.

[2] Like a waldo? What use is -

[1] No, as a duplicate - capable of independent action. I've never seen it work in concert with itself, so I'm not sure if there's some technical issue with that, or...

[2] So maybe a safety issue? Or, just, you never saw it happen.

[1] Technical issue. Something that would make doing it impossible. A safety issue wouldn't stop Halsey.

[2] Yeah, I guess not. You know what, let's get the hell outta here.

[1] Isn't that what we were doing?

[2] Sure, let's just keep moving.



Note: the voices in this conversation are the same as the voices in Outpost.

[1] I swear, you're pathological about entering places through the HVAC system.


[1] There's still three friendlies registering with the security system.

[2] Yeah. They got names?

[1] Kinda. Chump One, Chump Two, and Dr. Catherine Halsey, Ph.D.

[2] You got lifesigns, or...?

[1] I got a bunch of noise, is what I got.

[2] Yeah?

[1] What I don't have is her exiting through a secure checkpoint.

[2] So it may just be her badge, right?

[1] And if she's actually down there?

[2] She's either dead, or is refusing to leave her most recent pet project.

[1] I'm not carrying her narrow ass outta here.

[2] Neither am I. Either she's dead, and it ain't gonna matter, or she's alive and can't interfere with the op.

[1] Yeah?

[2] If she's alive, I say whoever finds her puts two in her head, then dumps the body in a rigid container of thermite 'nades and pulls the pin. See if they pull any recognizable teeth out of that mess.

[1] Harsh. We could just strap her to one of these Mike Foxtrot Delta Deltas.

[2] Sounds like we got a plan.



Located by the Longsword

  • Revis: So who in the hell made this Lieutenant? Huh? Who?
  • Lieutenant: Knowing who made it doesn't help us, Revis. We gotta figure out how they made it and how it works.
  • Revis: Well... not "us" us, right?
  • Lieutenant: Yeah, premo. Probably not "us" us.
  • Revis: If we botch everything up in this place, hell, if we drove the whole damn thing back to Earth
  • Lieutenant: I never figured you for a pessimist, Revis. Money and time, that's all it'll take. Money and time.
  • Revis: Money we got, but time is something we cant count on. Oh yeah, grants might help out too.
  • Lieutenant: Don't worry, we got the brainpower.
  • Revis: You figure those ONI eggheads are going to be able to figure this all out? And enough for it to matter.
  • Lieutenant: They gotta, if they can't well then we're kinda screwed.
  • Revis: (chuckles) A pessimist.


  • The radio has the number 777 in the displayed numbers.
  • In the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, the Courtyard conversation could instead be heard on the map Overlook, from a radio in the structure where the Spartan team spawns.[3]
  • The conversation about zombie plans on Holdout may be a reference to a similar conversation about zombie plans from Red vs. Blue.
    • This conversation is also somewhat ironic as both marines are about to board the Pillar of Autumn, which will eventually land on Halo where they will have to face what is often considered to be the ultimate zombie of all video games.


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