Halo: Uprising Issue Four was released on April 15, 2009 and is the last issue of comics in the Halo: Uprising series. It is said that it's delay was due to a last minute change in Halo 3's plot, and it was decided that Halo: Uprising needed reworking.[citation needed]

Short SummaryEdit

The story starts off in the Cleveland sewers with the hotel concierge Ruwan, the famous pop star, and a squad of Marines. They eventually end up in a secret underground UNSC base. Ruwan explains to the soldiers how he and his brother, Colonel James Ackerson, made up the Key of Osanalan when they were boys.

The UNSC come up with a covert operation to bring the Key to Covenant command. The Key was to act as a tracking device to locate the whereabouts of top Covenant leaders, and thus stage a significant assault on the Covenant. Ruwan insists that he be the one to deliver the Key to the Covenant, by himself. When the Covenant picks him up, he declares the Key of Osanalan is, in fact, himself. The ploy works, and Ruwan is taken to the Minister of Inquisition. Ruwan is still being tracked by the UNSC, and they use his position to target and destroy the Covenant ship he is on.

Meanwhile, John-117, having failed in his attempt to take control of the Dreadnought's trajectory, fights his way out of the Forerunner ship's airlock in another commandeered Ghost. On the surface of the Dreadnaught, he is informed that the command ship holding the "key" is to be destroyed, and that he will be within the radius of the blast unless he takes immediate evasive maneuvers. He moves to another part of the Forerunner ship to avoid being caught in the blast's wake. John-117 is then ordered to find a way to return to Earth quickly. His subsequent drop can be seen in the opening cutscene of Halo 3.


  • Alex Maleev - Penciling, Inking, and Coloring
  • Chris Eliopoulos - Lettering
  • Brian Micheal Bendis - Author




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