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Guide to the Covenant language.

Halo 2: The Official Strategy Guide is the 224-page official strategy guide for the video game Halo 2 published by Piggyback Interactive. It is written in English and is a paperback publication.

Book Description[]

Developed on-site at Bungie studios and written over four months by the elite Piggyback team, this guide includes an encyclopedic appraisal of Halo 2's multiplayer mode; a full, highly accessible walkthrough for the epic Campaign mode; and everything on basic play. In its 224 pages you'll find:

  • Detailed annotated maps: outwit multiplayer opponents with your intimate knowledge of level architecture
  • Study all features of multiplayer maps, from power-up locations to "secret" areas, attack routes, and more
  • Includes an exhaustive rundown of preset and custom game types—design your own multiplayer match and attract the best crowd
  • Features hundreds of digital screenshots to illustrate key points
  • Packed with tips, tactics, and techniques from the Bungie team
  • Learn about every adversary, vehicle, and weapon—their strengths and shortcomings and how you can exploit these
  • Confidently negotiate the huge Campaign mode with our exclusive maps and step-by-step walkthrough
  • Designed to enhance the Halo 2 experience for newcomers and Halo: Combat Evolved veterans alike


  • Before the release of Halo 2, the page for it at Xbox.com was made to look as though it were a series of screens at the helm of a Covenant ship, complete with a Covenant language made of triangular shapes. The Game Guide uses a few of these characters to denote the placement of Covenant vehicles on their maps.
  • Instead of showing it as a circular arrow, the reloading signal on page 13 depicts it as three bullets.
  • A misprint in the strategy guide mistakenly called the Enforcer a "Sentinel Major" on page 119. However, it stated that the Covenant called it "Enforcer" on page 118.
  • Another misprint in the strategy guide calls a Brute Plasma Rifle a Brute Plasma Pistol on page 46. A third misprint is on page 30, in which the Fuel Rod Gun is incorrectly labeled as the Fuel Rod Cannon.
  • The book wrongly prints that there are achievements in Halo 2, while they are only in Halo 2 Vista.
  • On the Contents page, it shows that John-117 is about to kill a Jiralhanae on Earth, which comes from the Halo 2 E3 Demo.
  • On page 110, there is a Sangheili Honor Guard with Sangheili Minor armor.
  • On page 7, there is a misprint that say the MJOLNIR Mk VI was upgraded, instead of John-117's armor being upgraded to Mk VI.
  • On page 41, it says that a Unggoy Minor's armor is yellow, when in fact it is orange.


In the below table:

Levels that are mentioned in the Book
Halo 2 Campaign The Heretic | The Armory (MC) | Cairo Station (MC) | Outskirts (MC) | Metropolis (MC) | The Arbiter (A) | The Oracle (A) | Delta Halo (MC) | Regret (MC) | Sacred Icon (A) | Quarantine Zone (A) | Gravemind (MC) | Uprising (A) | High Charity (MC) | The Great Journey (A)
Halo 2 Multiplayer Ascension | Beaver Creek | Burial Mounds | Coagulation | Colossus | Headlong | Ivory Tower | Lockout | Midship | Waterworks | Zanzibar