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Released in October 2004,[1] the Halo 2 Cinematic Trailer was shown in movie theaters across the United States. It was mainly a montage of shots from the game, most of which are for the Halo 2 E3 Demo.


The trailer starts out with the words: "The most lethal force in the universe," and the screen flashes to a shot of several Elites. Then it continues: "Has destroyed everything in its path." It flashes a shot of a Pelican landing and a shot of a Ghost taking fire from a Phantom. It goes on to say: "On November 9th, What's in its path... is us." and the screen fades to a shot of the Earth. That shot vanishes.

A Pelican roars overhead, followed by a Ghost being chased by a Phantom. John-117 is shown standing on a roadway, watching Orbital Insertion Pods descend on New Mombasa. The writing then reappears and says: "We're not ready," and switches to John-117 cocking a Battle rifle, a Warthog engaging Shadows and some shots of multiplayer gameplay before more writing appears, reading: "He is."

The camera changes and shows some wreckage. It pans up to show John standing atop a chunk of debris, wielding a pair of SMGs. Several Phantoms fly over him. John-117 looks into the camera and jumps. The screen flashes to the Halo 2 logo with an orange clouded background, followed by a voice that says: "Rated M for mature."

At the end the Xbox logo and website appear as normal until the website changes for a split second to This trailer made I Love Bees recognized easily.


  • At the very end of the trailer (00:42), when the Xbox logo comes up along with the website, the words "" replaces "" for a split second.


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