These are the credits list seen at the end of Halo 2. (Epilogue Suite - Beholden plays in the background.)
Halo 2 Walkthrough - Part 33 - Credits

Halo 2 Walkthrough - Part 33 - Credits

Project Lead

Executive Producer

Engineering Leads

Design Leads

Art Director

Writer, Director of Cinematics

Composer, Audio Director

Multiplayer & User-Interface Lead

( The original Halo starts playing.)

(The guitar starts playing Reclaimer)


Test Manager, Producer

(Guitar version of the Mjolnir Mix plays)


Additional Engineering

  • Damien Neff

Mission Designers

Additional Mission Design

Cinematic Designer

Lead 3D & Effects Artist

3D Artists

Additional 3D Art

  • Kelly Rains

Animators, Game & Cinematic

Additional Animation

Lead Environment Artists

Single-Player Environment Artists

Additional Single-Player Environment Art

Lead Multiplayer Environment Artist

Multiplayer Environment Artist

User Interface

Art Production


Matte Painting

Audio Lead

Sound Designer

Test Leads

Test Tools Engineering

Software Test Engineers Lead Team

(Tribute plays)

Additional Support

Bungie Princesses

Additional Support

Cinematic Cast

Artificial Intelligence Cast

Additional Voices

  • The Bungie Auxiliary Players

Casting & Voice-Over Production Services

(Zoom to black)

(final Cortana-Gravemind Cinematic begins) <youtube>P-8no6SrhEw</youtube> <youtube>WvE_dQoV0a4</youtube>

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