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At the E3 2012 press conference, the first piece of Halo 4 gameplay was shown. The footage shown in the demo is from the campaign level Infinity.

The UNSC Infinity crash lands on Requiem. John-117 then heads toward the crash site of the Infinity. However, he is momentarily stopped when he feels something behind him, and grabbing his Assault Rifle, spins around to aim at the Didact's Cryptum, which scans the area in front of it, where John is standing, before heading towards the crash location of the Infinity. Multiple Jul 'Mdama's Covenant Phantoms and Banshees can be also seen heading toward the crashed ship. As John-117 finds a path down to the ship, he encounters a Jul 'Mdama's Covenant scout team, which consist of two Unggoy, a Kig-Yar, and a Sangheili. After confronting them, John continues on his path to the Infinity. During the fight, it is evident that there are hitmarkers in the game.

John-117 is then attacked by unknown hostile forces. Cortana states that "These things are some type of defense AIs, definitely not Covenant." There seems to be various types of "AI's" that John-117 encounters. One version seems able to utilize Slipspace technology to teleport to different locations. Others have the ability to fling grenades back at their throwers (This causes a grenade indicator on John's visor). And one of them looks very similar to a holographic skeleton in a suit of armor. John ends up being stopped by Cortana, who switches the 'Visor Mode." This ends up with Chief being able to see enemies in red through Promethean Vision. The hostiles keep on appearing until one appears right in front of John and knocks him out.

Before and after the Campaign Demo, there are different live action and CGI scenes. Before the demo is a scene which features a high ranking UNSC navy officer explaining the UNSC Infinity, and then switching scenes to show the Infinity being attacked and scanned by the same orange light as seen with the Cryptum John-117 encountered. The Captain, whose name tag indicates him to be Captain Andrew Del Rio, is shown to be calling for help as the ship falls into Requiem.


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