Halo 5 Guardians -- E3 2014 "Multiplayer Beta" Trailer

Halo 5 Guardians -- E3 2014 "Multiplayer Beta" Trailer

The Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Trailer was a trailer shown at Microsoft's media briefing before E3 2014.[1] It showed a War Games match and revealed that the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta would be available to all those who purchase Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


A view of what appears to be a free-floating hangar above an unidentified planet fades in from black. Lights flicker on, illuminating the War Games map. Two screens flicker on on opposite sides of the map, showing a timer and two Spartans, one red and one blue.

The screen fades to black, then quickly fades to show a Spartan on the red team clenching his fist. It fades to a blue Spartan loading his weapon, then cuts to a red Spartan doing the same. It cuts to a blue Spartan's helmet.

  • Unidentified Spartan: "Ready! Let's move!"

It fades to a shot of the red team running forward, then cuts to blue team doing the same, and then back to red. The camera switches to a view from behind the red team, as they use what appear to be man-cannons to launch them into the map.

The screen fades to black, and then the text "NEXT GENERATION ARENA MULTIPLAYER" appears. The screen cuts to a red Spartan tackling a blue Spartan.

The screen cuts to black and the text "60 FPS ON DEDICATED SERVERS" appears. The screen cuts to a shot of a blue Spartan sliding into cover with a red Spartan sprinting in the background.

The camera cuts to black, and the text "ALL NEW SPARTAN ABILITIES" appears. It cuts to an airborne red Spartan slamming his fist down into the floor, creating sparks and sending two blue Spartans flying.

It fades to black, and then the Halo 5: Guardians logo fades into view with the text "MULTIPLAYER BETA AVAILABLE IN THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION" below it. After these fade out, crystal-like shards with pictures representing the games in the Master Chief Collection appear, coming together to fill the screen. On top of this, the text "INCLUDING: HALO: NIGHTFALL DIGITAL SERIES, HALO 5: GUARDIANS BETA ACCESS" fade in. As the shards fully come together, this fades out and the Halo: The Master Chief Collection logo fades in to take their place.


  • The screens on the walls either side of the map appear to show the weapons that each Spartan is holding which is most easily visible at 0:16.


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