This page is part of official Halo Alpha policy.

This policy explains the achievement system in place on Halo Alpha, and outlines how it should and should not be used.

What is the achievement system?[edit source]

The achievements on Halo Alpha are a system which is meant to encourage users to contribute to the wiki and interact with the community. It rewards users with badges for completing certain actions, and these badges contribute to the user's total score. Badges come in four types: bronze (worth 10 points), silver (50 points), gold (100 points) and finally platinum (250 points).

All registered users of Halo Alpha are given ranks based on their score, which can be viewed on their user page. Additionally, the 20 users with the highest score can be seen on the leaderboard.

What is the achivement system for?[edit source]

The achievement system is meant to be a method of motivating users to make constructive edits on the wiki; nothing more. Although it ranks users by their scores, it should not be considered a metric for comparing users to one another, or as evidence of a user's value to Halo Alpha. Additionally, having a high achievement score does not grant a user any authority on Halo Alpha - that can only be earned through a successful application to a rank.

In short, the achievement system is little more than a game, and it doesn't have any bearing elsewhere.

Achievements System Abuse[edit source]

Achievement system abuse, also known as points system abuse, is when a user makes edits or contributions which do not significantly improve the wiki or Halo Alpha itself, with the intention of earning achievement badges with little effort. This could include making minor, pointless edits to certain pages, or adding and removing part of a page several times over, just to rack up edits towards earning a badge.

This kind of behaviour is prohibited on Halo Alpha. If a user is found to be abusing the achievement system, it could result in a temporary block, or certain relevant pages being protected for a short time, to prevent that user from gaining an unfair advantage in the achievement system.

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