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Chat Monitor is an entry-level rank available to users of the Halo Alpha Discord server. Chat Monitors are entrusted with a small set of tools on the Discord, which should be used solely to enforce the Chat Policy.

As with all ranks on Halo Alpha, the ideal Chat Monitor is simply an average user who has a few additional tools at their disposal. Chat Monitors should be friendly and welcoming to all users of Halo Alpha and should only use their powers for the betterment of the Discord. If you suspect a Chat Monitor has abused their power, please report it to a member of the Administration.


Chat Monitors do not have any permissions on the wiki. However, on the Discord server, they can:

  • Mute users by giving them the 'Muted' role.
  • Change users' nicknames, in order to censor any inappropriate names.
  • Promote users to the role of Bot or Wiki User.
  • Delete or pin messages sent by any user.


To qualify for a nomination for the Chat Monitor rank on the Halo Alpha Discord, a user must meet the following requirements. Users who are nominated but do not meet these requirements will be rejected outright, without going to a vote.

  • Obtain the role "Sentinel" which is automatically applied by a Bot when users have been active on the community for a while.
  • A registered account on Halo Alpha itself (not the Discord).
  • Made at least 25 total edits to Halo Alpha, excluding those which are undone or are clearly done by bot. This is to prevent sockpuppeting.
  • Been active for at least a month on the Discord, in the lead-up to the nomination. "Active" in this case is defined as having visited the Discord a minimum of once per week during that time.
  • Not had an unsuccessful rank nomination in the past three months. This excludes nominations which the user rejected.
  • No blocks or warnings for three months directly prior to the nomination. Those who have incurred such punishments in recent memory are unlikely to be good candidates for an Chat Monitor position.
  • A detailed knowledge of the Halo Alpha Discord and its operation, both with respect to its policies and its community.


The application process for the Chat Monitor rank is the same as that for all other ranks. It is explained in detail on the Rank Structure page, here. Applications are hosted on the Halo Alpha forums, because although the Discord would be the ideal venue for hosting applications for Discord Ranks, there is unfortunately no feasible way to host a vote in it.

List of Chat Monitors

Current Chat Monitors of Halo Alpha
Previous Chat Monitors of Halo Alpha There are currently no previous Chat Moderators on Halo Alpha
Current Applications for Chat Monitor At present, Chat Monitor rights are given by Administrator consensus.
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