This page is an official Halo Alpha information page.

This page contains several disclaimers about Halo Alpha and its wiki. Halo Alpha recommends that all users read and understand these disclaimers, as it will not accept responsibility for any discomfort or trauma caused by its content.

Halo Alpha contains copyrighted materialsEdit

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All Halo material held within Halo Alpha is copyrighted by the Microsoft Corporation, or by 343 Industries, Bungie or third parties that have a direct proximity of relationship with the Halo franchise. Such materials are not owned by Halo Alpha, and classify as Fair Use under US law.

Material that is not copyrighted by Microsoft or by those in direct proximity of relationship with the Halo franchise is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (Unported) (CC-BY-SA).

Halo Alpha does not protect privacyEdit

Any information found on Halo Alpha is not protected. The wiki format makes that impossible. Anything you put into an article or on a userpage about yourself will be available to the public. In essence, you are publishing all information that you add when you edit a post.

At the same time, Halo Alpha does not collect information about its users. Your IP address will be recorded only when you make an edit for the sake of attributing that edit to a specific user. Providing Halo Alpha with your real name and/or e-mail address is optional. If you do not wish for any information about you to be released, do not post it on Halo Alpha anywhere.

Halo Alpha is not censoredEdit

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Halo Alpha is primarily a wiki dedicated to the Halo franchise. This includes the Halo video games, of which many are rated T (Teen) or M (Mature) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. As a result, much of Halo Alpha's content is intended for mature audiences, aged 17 and older. Since the website does not censor information, Halo Alpha recommends that its content be read by only those over the age of 13. It is best that all readers (especially those under 17 years old) use discretion while viewing the content of Halo Alpha.

Halo Alpha may contain spoilersEdit

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Halo Alpha documents all content relating to Halo, and will therefore inevitably contain spoilers for all forms of Halo media. Spoilers for recent releases will usually be marked on the page as such, however spoilers for older media will not be marked with such warnings. If you would like to avoid spoilers for a certain piece of Halo media, it is advised that you do not view Halo Alpha at all until completing it.

Halo Alpha documents sensitive issuesEdit

The Halo franchise deals with subject topics that are sensitive in nature, and that some users may find inappropriate, disturbing or offensive. This includes rape, prostitution and genocide. Halo Alpha documents all information related to the Halo franchise, including these aspects. As a result, readers should exercise caution when reading Halo Alpha's articles, as some of the wiki's content could act as a trauma trigger.

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