Page titles in MediaWiki are composed of two parts: an optional namespace name, and the remainder of the title.[1]

This page provides information on the different namespaces, as well as guidelines for the use of each namespace.


The mainspace is where you find our articles. An example is Halo 3.

The mainspace may also be used to create shortcuts to another page, regardless of namespace, such as Johnson, which redirects to Avery Johnson. It is not, however, to be used for redirects to user pages.

Halo NationEdit

The Halo Nation namespace is used mostly for official policy pages, as well as other things such as Halo Alpha:About.


Exactly as they sound, these pages provide help to editors. An example is Help:Editing.


Registered users have a personal page with their username. They are free to customize these as they wish, unless they violate policy. Of particular note, fanon is not allowed on user pages.

User subpages should be used for talk archives, signatures, personal welcomes, custom awards, and "friend" userboxes; not the template or other namespace.


The namespace for templates. The wiki code {{welcome}} refers to Template:Welcome, for example.

The template namespace is not for signatures, personal welcomes, custom awards, or personal userboxes.


Namespace for Special pages. An example is Special:Statistics. Special pages usually cannot be directly edited, but they are edited through interface messages in MediaWiki: -namespace. Some special pages are cached (such as Special:Wantedpages), so they may not be 100% up-to-date. They will be, however, updated in time. MediaWiki extensions, which can add new functionality to the MediaWiki software, may also add new special pages.


Interface pages, such as MediaWiki:Sitenotice, which can only be edited by administrators for security reasons.


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