Some pages on Halo Alpha are protected, which means they can not be edited or modified by anyone except an Administrator. This may be for any number of reasons; because of continuous vandalism, edit wars, and so on.

How long are pages protected?Edit

How long a page is protected depends on the nature of its protection. The Main Page is always protected because of its central nature to Halo Alpha. Other pages are protected when there is an epidemic of vandalism. Normally, a vandal will be blocked for vandalizing multiple times, but when there are multiple vandals or continuous vandalism done over time, the page will be protected for an amount of time at the discretion of an Administrator. These pages are eventually unbanned, after enough time has passed that we feel the vandals have "lost interest."

Why are pages permanently protected?Edit

Certain special pages on Halo Alpha are always protected for various reasons. These include:

  • Main Page: The Main Page of Halo Alpha is always protected because it is the most important page on the wiki; the first page users see when they visit, and it contains all important links on the wiki. It must not be available to editing because of the major impact vandalism of the main page would have on the entire site.
  • Halo Alpha Policy: Certain pages are designated as Halo Alpha policy and protected. They are denoted by the "Protected Policy" template, as seen on this page. This is because Halo Alpha policies are the sole responsibility of the Administrators, and not negotiable or changeable by other users.
  • Administrator's User Pages: Userpages are described for users to provide information about themselves, they are usually only changed by that user. However, due to their high visibility on the site, several Administrators pages have been the target of vandalism, and thus are blocked from editing. These pages are not a part of Halo Alpha and the only changes made to them should be at the discretion of their users.

Can I protect a page?Edit

Standard users do not have the ability to protect pages, but if you wish to request protection on a page, contact a member of the Administration Team.

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