This page is an official Halo Alpha information page.

Halo Alpha owns official accounts on various social media platforms. Each of these several accounts is operated by the administration, and only admins are permitted access to them.

List of Official Accounts

The following is a list of official Halo Alpha social media accounts. Any accounts that aren't on this list but claim to represent Halo Alpha are likely imitations, and should not be treated as official or representative of Halo Alpha.

Platform Account Name User Page
HN Icon Social-Facebook Facebook TheHaloWiki Halo Alpha - Home | Facebook
HN Icon Social-GooglePlus Google+ Halo Alpha Halo Alpha - Google+
HN Icon Social-Twitter Twitter @HaloWiki Halo Alpha (@HaloWiki) on Twitter
HN Icon Social-Youtube YouTube Halo Alpha Halo Alpha - YouTube

Purpose of Halo Alpha Accounts

The Halo Alpha social media accounts are used for a variety of purposes, as described below.

General Purpose

Most of the Halo Alpha social media accounts (with the exception of the YouTube channel) serve as news feeds for Halo Alpha and the Halo franchise, as well as a way for Halo Alpha to interact with the wider Halo community. For example, notable Halo-related posts by 343 Industries, Microsoft or their employees are likely to be shared, and Halo Alpha news articles will also be posted on the Halo Alpha social media accounts.

YouTube Channel

Main article: Halo Alpha: YouTube Channel

The primary aim of the YouTube Channel is to serve as a resource for the wiki, hosting videos that are of use to it. This might include cutscenes from the Halo games, tutorials on how to find collectibles or video "tours" of multiplayer maps. For more information on the Halo Alpha YouTube channel and what it is use for, see its information page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have access to the account?

No, only Halo Alpha administrators are allowed access to the Halo Alpha social media accounts. This is to ensure that no low-quality, irrelevant or inappropriate content is posted on them, as well as to prevent vandalism. The only legitimate way to gain access to the Halo Alpha social media accounts is to earn the rank of administrator.

What is the point of these accounts?

Just like the wiki, the Halo Alpha social media accounts aim to provide a resource for the Halo community. In the YouTube channel's case, this resource is a collection of high-quality and useful Halo videos for the wiki. The other accounts aim to provide an accurate news feed for information on the Halo franchise and Halo Alpha itself.

Should I follow or subscribe to the Halo Alpha accounts?

We appreciate all support shown to Halo Alpha through the means of followers, subscribers, likes, retweets and similar statistics. However, followers and subscribers aren't the reason these social media accounts are run. If you would like to follow/subscribe to any of our accounts, you are welcome to do so, but do not feel duty-bound to do it merely as a show of support.

What should I do if I think one of the accounts has been misused by an admin?

Please immediately contact an administrator if you think an official Halo Alpha account has been misused in any way. The administrator will be able to remove any inappropriate content or messages posted on the account, as well as follow up with the admin who posted them in the first place. A list of administrators can be found here.

I have a suggestion. Where can I post it?

If you would like to make a suggestion for any of the Halo Alpha social media accounts, please contact an administrator via their message wall or through the Discord server. A list of administrators can be found here.

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