This page is official Halo Alpha policy.

Halo Alpha's Spoilers Policy is as follows:


  • The Spoiler Policy only dictates leaked content. To remain a clean Halo fan site, providing leaked content are prohibited from this wiki. However, discussion of it is allowed.
  • No spoiler content whatsoever will be allowed onto Halo Alpha until the day of the official launch for a major release (i.e. games, films/shorts, and novels) in North America, Europe, or Australia. However, this will still exclude official information released by Bungie, 343 Industries, and Microsoft Game Studios.
    • This policy allows "official information", which is essentially content released officially and directly from the publishers and developers, but restricts "official press", which is content released by reputable news source.
  • Starting from the release date to 30 days post-release, the spoiler template will be used for those who still haven't had a chance to purchase the product.
  • Information officially released by Bungie Studios, 343 Industries and other Halo developers before the release date will still be accepted.


Violators will be given one official warning on their talk page. If there is non-compliance, the user in question will be banned for a week-long period.

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