This page is official Halo Alpha policy.
Remember, it is your responsibility as a user of the wiki to read, understand, and follow Halo Alpha policies. When in doubt, ask an Administrator!

Talk pages are a vital Wikia feature for communication between Halo Alpha administration and users; therefore, strict adherence to this policy must be maintained in order to preserve efficient and coherent exchanges of information. The abuse of the talk page system can lead to quick and decisive action resulting in punishment varying from a warning to exclusion from the wiki, depending on the severity of the action.

Talk Page Content

Content of a talk page, as with any other page on Halo Alpha, must follow normal wiki etiquette; messages must not be of malicious or offensive demeanor, contain repulsive or vulgar text or images, or be for the purpose of causing unrest - this includes, but is not limited too: spam, harassment, and vandalism. Talk page content which is deemed to be against general acceptability will be removed, and the author punished. Repeat offenses can result in a permanent exclusion from the wiki!

Adding New Content

When creating a new subject or leaving a new message, all content must be titled in order to preserve easy legibility and navigation of talk pages. Titles sit above an authors text, helping to divide conversations to allow authors and readers to know which text relate to what subjects. Titles can be placed by wrapping the subject of a conversation with two equal symbols, like this ==TITLE==, and must be no longer then 40 characters in length.

Adding to Old Content

If you wish to add a reply to an old conversation or further expand on a topic, you can leave a message below the existing text, however, all additions must be indented. Indented text helps to separate text from different authors. Indenting text can be performed by adding a : (colon) before a sentence or paragraph, and any subsequent paragraphs. If your reply is placed after a previously indented reply, then you must add another colon in order to create a further indented response, as seen in this example:






Signing Messages

All additions must be signed with a personalized signature in order to help to identify the author of a message. A signature can be placed by leaving ~~~~ (four tides) at the end of an edit. Messages which are not signed are at risk of being deleted and the authors punished - multiple offenses can lead to a temporary exclusion from the wiki.

Removing Content

Talk page material should not be removed from a page unless the it is being archived or contains spam, vandalism, or offensive or vulgar content. If a user is seen deleting talk page material without intention archiving it and it does not contain unacceptable content, then said user is at risk of severe punishment as the action will be considered vandalism of the wiki.


Not adhering to Halo Alpha policy is considered a grave offense and can result in severe punishments, ranging from a simple warning to a permanent exclusion from the wiki. It is your responsibility to avoid such incidences by reading, understanding, and following all policies - when in doubt, ask an Admin!

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