This page is official Halo Alpha policy.

Halo Alpha's Voting Policy is as follows:


Voting is an important part of the Halo Alpha community, and is used very frequently in community activities: almost all usergroups regularly vote to decide their leadership and private policy, and Administrators sometimes hold votes to determine how to shape the wiki's appearance and its guidelines. Because of the frequency that votes are held on Halo Alpha, there are a uniform body of regulations that regulate how all votes will be held.



Votes are democratic.

All votes are democratic, unless explicitly stated otherwise by policy. For example, Requests for Administratorship are not democratic: oftentimes, they require higher than a 80% support rate and strong administrator support, among other criteria. However, the democracy of elections does not extend to the rest of Halo Alpha: Halo Alpha is plainly declared as not a democracy, despite of its many democratic features. For more information, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.


No sockpuppets are allowed in votes.

While all users are invited to vote, sockpuppets are an exception.

Sockpuppets are alternate accounts that a user uses to influence a vote. Sockpuppets are not allowed in votes, and their votes will automatically be redacted, and the sockmaster may suffer a suspension of voting privileges or a block. Users may be suspected as sockpuppets if they have been inactive for over two months and return to vote, if they vote but have minimal edits, or because of a stated association with another voter or a candidate being voted upon.

Therefore, in order for voters to ensure that they are not tagged as "sockpuppets" and their vote removed, users should try to achieve over 50 article edits before voting, and should have edited the wiki for a few weeks or more before voting.


No campaigning is allowed in votes.

Campaigning for any Halo Alpha position, regardless of where one campaigns, is not allowed. It is inappropriate to campaign in, but not limited to, Halo Alpha or its Chat. A wiki position may range from administratorship, or otherwise. Violation of this policy may lead to immediate disqualification of a vote and/or blocking from Halo Alpha.

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