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Halo Alpha's YouTube channel is an account on the video hosting service YouTube. The channel is owned and maintained by the Halo Alpha administration, for the purpose of hosting any Halo-related videos which are of use to the wiki. As a result, only administrators have access to the account.

The Halo Alpha YouTube channel can be found here.

Types of Content

Only Halo-related content will be posted to the Halo Alpha YouTube channel. It currently exists soely as a tool for the wiki, hosting useful videos for articles on Halo Alpha. The ultimate goal of the channel is to host all the videos that the wiki uses. Ideally, all videos on the channel should serve some purpose on the wiki. Speculative videos or "Let's Plays" are not the sort of content that is likely to be uploaded, as a result.

These are a few examples of the type of videos that would potentially be uploaded to the channel. Note that this is far from a complete list.

  • Cutscenes from or trailers for the Halo games
  • Walkthroughs for particular levels or achievements
  • Video "tours" of multiplayer or Firefight maps
  • Location guides for easter eggs and collectibles

Monetisation Settings

Main article: Halo Alpha is not for-profit

Monetisation and adverts are disabled on the YouTube channel. This is because Halo Alpha is not a for-profit organisation. No users, including administrators, earn money through their contributions to the wiki, and the same is true of the YouTube channel. For more information on this stance and why Halo Alpha has adopted it, please see the "Halo Alpha is not for-profit" section of the What Halo Alpha Is page.

The following table shows the relevant channel options, and what the Halo Alpha YouTube channel has them set to.

Name Set To Description
Monetisation Disabled "Become a partner through monetisation by displaying ads on your videos."
Paid content Disabled "YouTube paid content is video or channel content that only paying customers can see. As the channel owner, you can create the terms for the rentals, purchases or subscriptions."
Allow advertisements Off "Allow advertisements to be displayed beside my videos. Does not apply to videos that you monetise and videos that are claimed by a third party."
Disable interest-based ads On "If you select this option, personalised ads will not be shown on videos on your channel, such as ads based on a viewer’s interests or remarketing ads."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have access to the account?

No, only Halo Alpha administrators are allowed access to the YouTube channel. This is to ensure that no low-quality, irrelevant or inappropriate content is posted to the channel, as well as preventing vandalism. The only legitimate way to gain access to the Halo Alpha YouTube account is to earn the rank of administrator.

If you would like to suggest a video, or propose changes to the channel, please contact an administrator, who will be able to act on any proposals made, where necessary.

Why not use existing YouTube videos?

The primary problem with using existing YouTube videos is that Halo Alpha has no control over the video itself. As a result, the video could meet any number of fates without anyone on Halo Alpha realising and hence removing it from any articles it is used on. Hosting such videos on a single, Halo Alpha-controlled channel mitigates this problem, as the admins who run the channel will be aware if, for whatever reason, any videos on the channel are deleted.

Additionally, administrators can guarantee a certain level of quality with each of the videos posted to the channel, as they are the ones who record and edit them. The same cannot be said of all YouTube videos relating to Halo, many of which are too low resolution or poorly recorded to use. Other also contain superfluous logos, low quality voice-overs or copyrighted tracks playing over the video. All videos on the Halo Alpha YouTube channel will avoid these pitfalls and strive to make sure that its videos are as high quality as possible.

Finally, the editors of Halo Alpha are likely to have Halo-related YouTube creators that they like, and others that they dislike. Such preferences could manifest themselves in the editor's choice of video to upload to Halo Alpha or cite as a reference. As a result, it could appear that Halo Alpha has a bias towards or against certain YouTube creators. This is not the case, as explained here. Having a dedicated Halo Alpha YouTube channel to host all the necessary videos for the wiki prevents it from seeming this way.

Is this legal?

Yes. Microsoft has given permission for all content creators on YouTube to upload videos of Halo, as well as all other Microsoft-owned franchises, provided the creators abide by Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules. All videos on the Halo Alpha YouTube channel follow these rules, and hence are legal.

These rules require that the following text be inserted into the description of every video on the channel which contains footage from the Halo games. If you see a video on the Halo Alpha YouTube channel that does not include this text, please notify an administrator, who will correct the mistake.

Halo © Microsoft Corporation. [Video Title] was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

I have a suggestion. Where can I post it?

If you would like to make a suggestion for the YouTube channel, please contact an administrator via their message wall or through the Discord server. A list of administrators can be found here.

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