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Halo Kubrick

Image of the four Spartan II Kubricks from Series One.

Halo Kubricks are miniature figures of John-117 in campaign and multiplayer colors. They were developed by Medicom, a Japanese company that has made other Kubricks before.

Series One Edit

The Series One four-pack came with a red, green, blue and active camouflage Spartan II.

There is also a rare Black Spartan that was packed that had a 5% chance of pulling it. The Black Spartan took the place of the Active Camo Spartan in the variant set.

Series Two Edit

Series Two has the following four colors: Battle Damaged Master Chief, Steel, Yellow, and White.

There are two variants in Series Two. A Pink Spartan replaced the white one and is a GameStop exclusive set. The other variant is a Purple Spartan. Like the black one from Series One, the Purple variant, and came one per case of 20 sets, and is the harder of the two variants to find for Series Two. Like the pink one, it also replaces the white one in the set.

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