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Halo Legends is an anime-style series of seven short films. It is under six production houses, namely Bones, Bee Train, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio 4 °C, and Toei Animation.[2]


“It's a wildly varied genre, but anime creators do things with weapons and vehicles and technology nobody else does and that marries very well with Halo. It's amazing to see some of the new stuff they're introducing and how neatly it maps to the visual aesthetics in the Halo universe.”
Frank O'Connor, Creative Director of 343 Industries.

Warner Bros. is in charge of the distribution of Halo Legends. All of the seven stories have been created and in some cases, entirely written by Frank O'Connor.[3] Some stories have been detailed to an extent, and some characters from the novels have made an appearance in Halo Legends.[3] Three-and-a-half of the films were previewed via Halo Waypoint on Xbox Live, and were distributed by Warner Bros.

Halo Legends was released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 16, 2010.[4] On February 9, the Halo Legends Original Soundtrack was released.


Producer Name Description Poster
Bones Prototype Taking place during the Battle of Algolis, Prototype tells the story of a Marine who, despite orders to destroy an advanced prototype armor, uses the suit to buy time for civilians and UNSC forces evacuating from the planet. Prototype poster
Casio Entertainment The Package A CGI-film taking place during a SPARTAN-II raid consist of John-117 and his team on a Covenant CAS-class assault carrier using Booster Frames to recover "the package" safely. The Package poster
Production I.G. The Duel Taking place long before the Human-Covenant war,[5] The Duel tells the story of an Arbiter, Fal 'Chavamee, who refuses to accept the Covenant religion. Duel poster

Bee Train

Production I.G.

Homecoming Focused on the tragedies involving the SPARTAN-II recruitment in 2517, and the SPARTANs coming to terms with their origins. Homecoming poster
Studio 4°C Origins An expansive history of the 100,000-year long Halo universe. It consists of two parts, featuring Forerunner-Flood war and the Human-Covenant war. Origins poster
Studio 4˚C The Babysitter A story about the rivalry between the SPARTAN-II Commandos and the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as they're ordered to infiltrate a Covenant-controlled world to assassinate a Covenant San'Shyuum. Babysitter poster
Toei Animation Odd One Out A non-canon and satirical interpretation of the Halo universe, featuring SPARTAN-1337. Odd One Out poster


  • Halo Origins reveals Cortana's current age as seven, as seen in the quote: "Chief, can you hear me? When I was born seven years ago, I already possessed the entire sum of recorded human knowledge." This places her time of escalating rampancy approximately three years after John-117 enters the cryo-chamber at the conclusion of Halo 3.
    • This is subsequently confirmed in Halo 4, which takes place roughly one year following Cortana's narrative in Halo Origins.
  • In Halo Origins, Flood Infection Forms are shown to be able to achieve lift and hover; however, the Infection Forms in all the Halo games in which they appear never do so, only crawling and jumping.
    • The physiology of the Flood varies widely, and variants may have existed with lighter-than-air properties.
  • In Halo Origins, the scene remade from the Halo 2 level High Charity shows that a Phantom crash lands on High Charity, thus releasing the Flood. This is different from the game, where it is shown as a Pelican's crash landing.
    • The Flood likely intruded High Charity from more than one location utilizing a variety of modes of transportation than what was specifically witnessed by John-117.
  • In Halo Origins, Thel 'Vadam is shown to be at High Charity when the Flood invade alongside the Prophet of Regret, despite being sent to Installation 05 by the Gravemind who had already assimilated the aforementioned Prophet.
  • Thel 'Vadam appears to look closer in appearance to Ripa 'Moramee following his transformation to Arbiter than to his appearances in Halo 2 and Halo 3.
  • The Inconsistencies of Origins can be attributed to Cortana's accelerating rampancy, escalated by her attempted destruction at the hands of the Gravemind during her confinement aboard the Flood-infested planetoid station, High Charity. This could be responsible for her recollection of false or fragmented memories and data with questionable accuracy. This was further supported by Frank O' Connor.
  • In Halo Origins, the Halo Installations are represented without interior environments, this is most likely an artistic choice.
  • In The Duel, the Mgalekgolo are shown to be massive, boasting a much larger size than the average specimens seen in the games. As a collective mass of smaller organisms, it is possible for them to take on many assemblages.
  • Halo Legends is 117 minutes long.