The Halo Music on High Ground Easter Egg can be found on the Halo 3 map, High Ground.


To hear the music, all you need to do is wait for a while in the computer room. The radio below the larger computer will eventually stop making static and morse code and will play random Halo songs from throughout the trilogy, such as Under Cover of Night. You can tell it is about to play a song when it sounds like an FM radio just barely out of tune from a local station.


  • In Forge mode, you can pick up the radio and place it in a different location and it will still play music.
  • A similar Easter Egg can be found in the Campaign on the level Crow's Nest. In the control center, stand within audible range of the computers. The computers make a lot of bleeps and other noises, but will eventually play the classic Halo theme.
  • Triggering the music cue in Halo: The Master Chief Collection gives the player the Sounds Familiar achievement.

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