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Halo Wars 2 Announce Teaser

Halo Wars 2 Announce Teaser

The Halo Wars 2 Announcement Trailer was a pre-render trailer shown at Gamescom 2015 to announce Halo Wars 2, the sequel to the 2009 strategy game Halo Wars.[1]


In the teaser trailer, a wounded Douglas-042 is being dragged by another member of Red Team, away from some form of enemy, most likely the Brute Chieftain seen later. Jerome-092 radios in, "Command, this is Red Team. Something hit us, Douglas is down. Immediate evac requested!" As he is dragged along, Douglas draws his M6C magnum, takes a moment to aim, then fires. The screen cuts to Red Team, sweeping an area with their flashlights. They encounter a large, hostile Jiralhanae, who picks a SPARTAN (probably Douglas) up by his throat, and throws him. It then returns to the wounded Douglas, firing another shot off into the darkness. This time, it cuts to Red Team being attacked from several angles by what can only be assumed to be Jiralhanae. Finally, after one more gunshot, several shots of Red Team attempting to retaliate (to no avail) are shown. After this, the camera cuts to Douglas who attempts to fire a fourth shot, but a "click" signifies his clip is empty. Having no way to defend himself, he lets his arm, carrying the gun, to slip to the floor, and his grip loosens. Next, camera showcases a the afore mentioned Brute Chieftan properly, as he activates a weapon similar to an Gravity Hammer and growls, "Yes, run... Little demons." After cutting to black, the logos of 343 Industries, Creative Assembly and finally Halo Wars 2 flash onto the screen in quick succession. To close the trailer, there is a short shot of the Chieftain turning away from the camera, and ordering his cohorts to "Hunt 'em down."


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