“I will never leave you. I'm your wife. And you are the general. My place is at your side.”
— Han

Han was a Sangheili and the wife of Arbiter Fal 'Chavamee.[1]


Han refused to leave her husband after he expressed concern for her fate because of his refusal to join the Covenant Empire. Her loyalty to her husband saw her betrayal by one of Fal's closest friend, who led Harka to her. Brutally beaten, she was then killed by Roh at Harka's urging, who in turn killed the Sangheili, and left their bodies as a gruesome challenge to Fal. Although he managed to avenge her, he was also mortally wounded - a vision of Han would be the last thing Fal saw in life.


  • So far, she is the only female Sangheili to be physically shown in the Halo universe, and possibly the second to be mentioned; the other being Sanj'ik, whose species is speculative.
  • True to her Yamato Nadeshiko form, Han is voiced by Kikuko Inuoe, famous for playing Belldandy in the series Oh My Goddess.
  • Her decidedly humanoid appearance is a stylistic choice to make her a more sympathetic character. Despite this, she does have a typical Sangheili mouth, though as Sangheili speak with their lower mandibles together, they often appear in the movie to be a human-like mouth.[2][3][4]


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