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In the Halo: 3 level Crow's Nest, there are four Easter Eggs in the hangar of the base, one inside and three outside.


In the level there is a CCS-class battlecruiser outside of the base. If you can get outside of the hangar then you can see the "full" model of it, but it only shows half of it, and the other half isn't there. Banshees are also seen flying out from it. You can also get inside the half side of the Cruiser and look inside it or see the Marathon Logo.

C's n pelican

The lone Pelican.

At the complete bottom of the cliffs is a lone Pelican. It doesn't move or attack at any time throughout the level.

The Banshees and Hornets that fly around are not detailed and the Banshees have open cockpits that have no driver. They can also be flown through in Theater.

How to get outside the Hangar[]

The Pelican that lands in the hangar to pick up marines can be jumped on top of, and on a rare chance can be boarded. If you are on top or inside, when the Pelican leaves the hangar you will die by a death barrier.

To get outside of the Hangar and past the invisible barriers, you'll need to be in Theater. From there go to the edge of the hangar and float down as far as you can then float under the invisible barrier. You'll then be outside and past the invisible barriers.

When outside the map and barriers if you float far away and go high enough, you can see the whole base hangar.

If you stay outside of the invisible barriers when one of the players leaves the hangar for the next area of the level (when it loads), it becomes impossible to get back into the hangar, as the entire part of the level disappears. But because of this you can now see the circular-type window at the command centre has appeared, since this part of the map has loaded. The only way to get back "inside" and regroup with the player/s is by pressing Y again.