The Hanging Gardens[1] were natural environment modules on the Covenant holy city High Charity.

It can be assumed that both Hanging Gardens were destroyed when the Flood invaded High Charity, or if not, it is certain that they were destroyed along with High Charity at the end of the Human-Covenant war.

Known Hanging Gardens Edit

Hanging Garden AEdit

Garden A is fairly small but the layout is complicated, there is a hill on either side of the garden. This site was fought over during Great Schism.

Hanging Garden BEdit

The layout here is extremly similar to Garden A, and was also heavily contested during the Great Schism.

Other GardensEdit

It would be fair to assume that there are other Hanging Gardens in High Charity as John-117 only explores a small part of High Charity and the city is hugely immense. The other Gardens are probably similar in design to the first two as they are both the same and most of the Covenant architecture seen in the game is very similar


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