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Halo 3 Easter Egg

"Happy Birthday, Lauren!" is a message that appears in Halo 3 as an easter egg. The message appears only when the date is set to December 25.


  1. If the current date is not December 25, set it to December 25 from the console dashboard while disconnected from Xbox Live.
  2. Load Halo 3 and start a Campaign mission.
  3. Once the loading screen begins, hold down both thumbsticks. You should see the view of the Halo ring pan out, making the message appear.

Launching Halo 3 from the disc instead of from the hard drive will make the mission take longer to load, which will give more time to see the message before it goes away.



Halo 3 - "Happy Birthday, Lauren!" Load Screen Easter Egg


  • "Lauren" is the wife of Bungie programmer Adrian Perez, who added the Easter Egg into the game.[1]
  • The Easter Egg was first hinted at in a 2012 mail sack by Bungie employee Jon Cable in response to a community question in the Q&A.[1] Shortly after that in another mail sack, Adrian Perez gave another hint that the Easter Egg appears on the campaign loading screen on a specific date.[1]
  • The Easter Egg was first found, or at the very least documented, after YouTube user Lord Zedd posted a video about it.[2]