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Corporal Harland is a veteran of the UNSC Marine Corps during 2552. He assumed tactical command during the lopsided Battle of Sigma Octanus IV after his commanding officers were wiped out by opposing Covenant forces.


During the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Harland and three members of his squad, Privates Fincher, Cochran, and Walker, encountered Covenant Hunters and retreated to Alpha Headquarters after realizing that Firebase Bravo and the surrounding area had been destroyed by the Covenant. While retreating, they were involved in a skirmish against some Grunts and killed them.[1]

They narrowly won a retreating fight against two Banshees, where Harland attempted to destroy the Covenant fighters with the chain gun on the Warthog. He was unable to do so and the squad was saved by Cochran, who managed to shoot down both Banshees despite his injuries. They returned to the primary headquarters near the city Cote d'Azur and found that it was also destroyed with almost no survivors. Harland called for reinforcements, which came in the form of SPARTAN-IIs.

Harland was debriefed at Reach. At one point, he asked John-117 if he could join the SPARTANs, but couldn't get a straight answer from him.[2][3]




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