“Alright men! Let's welcome our Chief Petty Officer with some backup!”
— Hauser

Hauser[1] was a Sergeant of the UNSC Marine Corps who fought and led men during the Harvest Campaign.


Harvest Campaign

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Sometime during the five years it took for the UNSC to liberate Harvest from the Covenant, Hauser and his fellow Marines were pinned down by massing Covenant forces after he gave the order to retreat from their previous location. Daisy-023 soon arrived and assisted them in eliminating all Covenant infantry in the immediate vicinity. Once the Covenant forces were eliminated, Gamma Team was able to establish radio contact with Ralph-103.

The group then traversed to a Covenant-occupied landing zone to be evacuated by a Pelican. Hauser scouted the area and found three Warthogs, and the group attempted to use it to reach the landing zone as soon as possible. Daisy-023 manned the first vehicle's turret as Hauser drove toward their destination. However, an Elite managed to overturn the vehicles with a Plasma grenade.


Daisy managed to pull a wounded Hauser out of the wreckage and toward the Pelican. During the process, however, a Needler-wielding Elite pushed Hauser out of the way and fatally wounded the Spartan. Hauser made it to the Pelican, but Ralph refused to leave without her. The two unsuccessfully attempted to save Daisy's life, leading to the destruction of the Pelican by Fuel Rod fire and the deaths of all UNSC personnel caught in it.

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