Have Fun Respawning is a Halo 3 Achievement that is obtained by getting an Extermination medal in one of the Mythic Maps in either a ranked or a social playlist.

It is worth 25 Gamerpoints.


  • The easiest way to get this achievement is to play Grifball or SWAT on the Team Mythic hopper.
  • A good way to get this achievement on Griffball would be to wait until the team is all around the place where you place the bomb, and right before it is placed injure them all with the hammer. All deaths from the explosion will be awarded to you.
  • Another easy way to get this achievement is to play the Action Sack playlist, and wait for a Team Rockets game on Orbital. Due to the tight corners and narrow hallways, teams are often grouped together. Another good way to get it on Grifball is to Spawn camp.

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