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Headhunter, as first displayed in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer.

Headhunter is a gametype in Halo: Reach.[1] Players fight for flaming skulls and return the collected skulls to their designated (but mobile) deposit zone.[1]

To collect skulls, you can either grab the ones that spawn at the start or kill a player. A player with no skulls still drops one at death. When collecting the skulls, players are tagged with an navpoint indicator above their multiplayer models which reveals the amount of skulls collected, even if they are in Active camouflage.[1] The more skulls the players collect, the bigger a target they are. If a player is killed, all of the skulls will be dropped and opposing players will be able to collect the skulls.[1] In addition, players will not be penalized for carrying the skulls and will be able to access all his/her weapons and abilities. The default game-winning score is 25, though if the player manages to deposit 10 skulls at once, they would obtain a Skullamanjaro. It is important to note that the player will not receive any points until they deposit their skulls into a territory. After a few seconds pass, the deposit zone will start flashing. This indicates that the zone will move in about three seconds, so waste no time depositing your skulls.


  • Headhunter may have been originally planned for Halo 2 as references to Headhunter can be found in the Halo 2 Map Editor Tool.[2]
  • Headhunter was a scrapped game variant for Halo 3. It existed during the Halo 3 Alpha, but was decided to be scrapped before the Halo 3 Beta was released to the public.[citation needed]
  • By default, Headhunter is a free-for-all gametype, however a team-based Headhunter gametype is also available to players.
  • In Headhunter Pro, you need to do a headshot on someone in order to get their skull. However, they will drop any other skulls they are carrying even if they are killed by means other than a headshot.



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